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This is a plugin for Fastify that facilitates keep state for clients between requests via server-side storage.



const fastify = require('fastify')()
  .register(require('fastify-server-session'), {
    secretKey: 'some-secret-password-at-least-32-characters-long',
    sessionMaxAge: 900000, // 15 minutes in milliseconds
    cookie: {
      domain: '',
      path: '/'

fastify.get('/one', (req, reply) => { = 'foo'

fastify.get('/two', (req, reply) => {


The plugin accepts an options object with the following properties:

  • secretKey (Default: undefined): this is a required property that must be a string with a minimum of 32 characters.
  • sessionCookieName (Default: sessionid): a string to name the cookie sent to the client to track the session.
  • sessionMaxAge (Default: 1800000): a duration in milliseconds for which the sessions will be valid.
  • cookie: an options as described in the cookie module's documentation. The default value is:
    • domain: undefined
    • expires: same as sessionMaxAge
    • httpOnly: true
    • path: undefined
    • sameSite: true


MIT License