Civilization-esque game project from Team2 (OOP course project).
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Team2Civ (AKA StratLoc)

Turn-based strategy game allowing for up to one (1) player and up to three (3) AI opponents.
Uses a genetic algorithm for AI generation.

How to use:
Normal mode:
-normal to select
-fowoff to turn off fog of war
-auto to watch 4 AIs play
will load 3-4 random AIs from /genomes or generate them if needed
AI mode:
-ai to select
-n <generations> <pop_size> to start a new population
-r <generations> to resume old population from population_metadata.xml
-m <threads> to run multiple games at once
HIGHLY recommended VM command:
-Xmx<megabytes>m to increase heap size (around 2048 for 50-80 AIs)

pop_size must be divisible by 4
threads*4 must be less than or equal to pop_size
-o for detailed AI output

Example command:
	java -jar -Xmx480m team2civ.jar -ai -n 10 20   <- Will generate 10 AIs and run 20 generations using them