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CS 2208b - Lab 11

In this lab, we'll iteratively develop a Makefile for building assignment 5 quickly and easily.

Part 1

  • Makefile.1: Getting started with Makefiles
  • Makefile.2: Suppressing command echoing
  • Makefile.3: Basic Makefile to run m4 on asn5.m to produce asn5.s
  • Makefile.4: Ignoring errors
  • Makefile.5: A simple Makefile to build assignment 5 (without any of the functions)
  • Makefile.6: Oops.. we forgot to include stringio.s
  • Makefile.7: Oops.. we forgot to include iofunc.o
  • Makefile.8: Adding a clean target
  • Makefile.9: Ignoring errors in the clean target
  • Makefile.10: Adding a realclean target
  • Makefile.11: Introducing macros

Part 2

  • Makefile.12: Adding in the functions
  • Makefile.13: Introducing a few special macros
  • Makefile.14: Inference rules
  • Makefile.15: Using inference rules to build assignment 5
  • Makefile.16: Getting a little DRY-er
  • Makefile.17: A commented, (mostly) finished Makefile to build assignment 5
  • Makefile.18: Adding a debug target