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Open Source Starter


Ease the process of getting into OSS contribution using GitHub as the "social coding" experience. Make an existing "lurker" on GitHub contribute to projects that are related to his (language?) interests.

Vectors of approach

  1. Classify a projects' issue list in terms of perceived difficulty (by users? by the owner?)

  2. Guide a "lurker" towards projects of his interests that have "beginner" issues

  3. Try to make the user fork, committing himself (pun intended)

  4. Promote users that get issues closed ("new contributor" of the day)

Next steps

  1. "Level up" the user, presenting harder bugs to solve

  2. Make users that choose the same issue interact (e.g. pick an issue someone picked before and failed to fix in 3 days, make you ask the 1st guy why)

Implementation ideas

  1. Rails site w/ GitHub OAuth

  2. User logs in

  3. User selects language preferences

  4. User sees list of projects related to 3. that have issues already classified as "beginner/easy"

  5. User chooses one issue, forking the project (automatic naming?)

  6. User makes pull request

  7. ???

  8. Yeah.