NICAR 2015 conference schedule as CSV and JSON, plus the underlying Python scraper.
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NICAR 2015 Schedule CSV & JSON

This repository contains the NICAR 2015 conference schedule as structured data, plus the underlying Python scraper.

Get the data

Last updated March 7, 2015 @ 8am Eastern

Run the scraper yourself

To download the script and install the necessary Python libraries, execute the following commands in your terminal:

mkvirtualenv nicar-2015 # Optional, recommended
git clone
cd nicar-2015-schedule
pip install -r requirements.txt

To run the scraper, execute this command:

make schedules

Or, more verbosely:

python scripts/ --json > output/nicar-2015-schedule.json
python scripts/ --csv > output/nicar-2015-schedule.csv

Look beneath the hood

You can find the Python script that extracts and formats the schedule here.

Fix/improve things

Pull requests are welcome.