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Version: 0.0.0
Last updated: 2018-12-31
Author: Jeremy Singer-Vine
# Usage
This plugin normalizes column names in any given sheet, so that the names are:
- Composed only of lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores.
- Valid Python identifiers. This is mostly handled by the rule above, but also
prohibits names beginning with a digit; that is handled by prefixing those
names with an underscore.
- Unique within the sheet. Non-unique names are suffixed with "__" and an
Unnamed columns are left as such.
For instance, a sheet with the following columns names:
- "Genus, Species"
- "Height"
- "5-score"
- "Height"
- ""
- ""
... would be converted to have the following column names:
- "genus_species"
- "height__0"
- "_5_score"
- "height__1"
- ""
- ""
## Commands
- `normalize-col-names` normalizes the names of all *non-hidden* columns in the
active sheet, per the approach described above. Alias:
from visidata import Sheet
from collections import Counter
import re
nonalphanum_pat = re.compile(r"[^a-z0-9]+")
DIGITS = "0123456789"
def normalize_name(name):
Given a string, return a normalized string, per the first two rules
described above.
# Lowercase and replace all non-alphanumeric characters with _
subbed = re.sub(nonalphanum_pat, "_", name.lower())
# Remove leading and trailing _s
stripped = subbed.strip("_")
# To ensure it's a valid Python identifier
if (stripped or "_")[0] in DIGITS:
stripped = "_" + stripped
return stripped
def gen_normalize_names(names):
Given a list of strings, yield fully-normalized conversions of those
strings, ensuring that each is unique.
base = list(map(normalize_name, names))
counts = Counter(base)
# Append __{i} to non-unique names
seen = dict((key, 0) for key in counts.keys())
for name in base:
if counts[name] == 1 or name == "":
norm_name = name
norm_name = name + "__" + str(seen[name])
seen[name] += 1
yield norm_name
def normalize_names(names):
return list(gen_normalize_names(names))
def normalize_column_names(sheet):
Normalize the names of all non-hidden columns on the active sheet.
new_names = normalize_names( for c in sheet.visibleCols)
for i, c in enumerate(sheet.visibleCols): = new_names[i]
# Set the function above as methods on the Sheet class
Sheet.normalize_column_names = normalize_column_names
# Add longname-commands to VisiData to execute these methods
cmd_str = "vd.sheet.normalize_column_names()"
Sheet.addCommand(None, "normalize-col-names", cmd_str)
Sheet.addCommand(None, "normalize-column-names", cmd_str)
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