A tool to explore FiveThirtyEight's Russian Troll Tweets dataset
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Russian Troll Tweets Exploration

What is this?

The good people at FiveThirtyEight were kind enough to release the tweets and handles of Russian Trolls in the lead-up and following the 2016 election. These data were assembled by Clemson University researchers Darren Linvill, & Patrick Warren. I'll let FiveThirtyEight explain more, here. I'm just exploring the data they released here.


  • Run git clone git@github.com:fivethirtyeight/russian-troll-tweets.git to get the Russian tweets.
  • Run python3 -m venv env to set up your virtual environment.
  • Run source env/bin/activate to activate your virtual environment.
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install the Python packages you'll need.
  • Run npm install -g http-server (you might want to install NVM first).


  • Run jupyter notebook and pull up model-topics.ipynb.
  • Run everything in there.

Getting visualizations working

  • Run cp intermediate-data/english-only-doc2vec-data.json doc2vec-graphics/som-account-type-viz/data/data.json.
  • Run http-server from within the doc2vec-graphics/som-account-type-viz/ folder.
  • Go to http://localhost:8080.

When you're done

  • Run deactivate.