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The WSL system makes a great convenience of development on Windows.But the integretion to IDEs and code editors is not convenient.

The project wslgit makes a dummy exe that trying to receive the arguments and translating all paths from windows type to unix type, and reform these arguments to the real command in wsl .

This shows a way to use wsl application in windows enviroment for IDEs and code editors. But the project is made for git only. I made a bit change using the file stem name as the real command. And it works!


  1. download the wslexe.exe
  2. rename it to the command you want to use, for example pyhon.exe
  3. change your ide or editor config to point to the executable file
  4. if you have a ".wslexerc" in the path where the executable file exists, it will be sourced before the real command


  • python.exe
    • vscode
    • powershell
  • composer.exe
    • phpstorm
  • php.exe
    • phpstorm
  • git.exe
    • vscode
    • powershell

Screen shot

python.exe for vscode


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