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Provides a high-level interface to the ECWMF ECCODES C library for reading GRIB files. There are limited capabilities for writing GRIB files (you can modify the contents of an existing file, but you can't create one from scratch). See the online docs for example usage.


The easiest way to get everything installed is to use pip:

pip install pygrib

You can also use conda:

conda install -c conda-forge pygrib

Alternately, clone the github repo and run python install (after setting $ECCCODES_DIR) where $ECCODES_DIR is the path to the directory containing include/grib_api.h and lib/ If ECCODES_DIR is not specified, a few common locations such as $CONDA_PREFIX,/usr,/usr/local,/opt/local will be searched.

For full installation instructions and API documentation, see

Sample IPython notebooks illustrating pygrib usage:

Questions or comments - contact Jeff Whitaker or use