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Python interface for reading and writing GRIB data
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Python module for reading and writing GRIB files (edition 1 and edition 2).

GRIB is the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standard file format for the exchange of weather data.

Provides a interfaces for the ECWMF GRIB_API C library and the NCEP grib2 C library, including command line utilities for listing (grib_list) and repacking (grib_repack) GRIB files.


  • Clone the github repository, or download a source release from

  • Copy setup.cfg.template to setup.cfg, open in text editor, follow instructions in comments for editing. If you are using the old grib_api library instead of the new eccodes library, be sure to uncomment the last line setup.cfg.

  • Run 'python build'

  • Run 'python install' (with sudo if necessary)

  • Run 'python' to test your pygrib installation.

For full installation instructions and API documentation, see

Sample iPython notebooks illustrating pygrib usage:

Questions or comments - contact Jeff Whitaker or use

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