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💼 This rule is enabled in the following configs: ☑️ recommended, 🔒 strict.

Enforce that anchors have content and that the content is accessible to screen readers. Accessible means that it is not hidden using the aria-hidden prop. Refer to the references to learn about why this is important.

Rule options

This rule takes one optional object argument of type object:

    "rules": {
        "jsx-a11y/anchor-has-content": [ 2, {
            "components": [ "Anchor" ],

For the components option, these strings determine which JSX elements (always including <a>) should be checked for having content. This is a good use case when you have a wrapper component that simply renders an a element (like in React):

// Anchor.js
const Anchor = props => {
  return (
    <a {...props}>{ props.children }</a>


// CreateAccount.js (for example)
return (
  <Anchor>Create Account</Anchor>


<a>Anchor Content!</a>
<a><TextWrapper /></a>
<a dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: 'foo' }} />


<a />
<a><TextWrapper aria-hidden /></a>

Accessibility guidelines