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Elements with ARIA roles must use a valid, non-abstract ARIA role. A reference to role definitions can be found at WAI-ARIA site.

Rule details

This rule takes one optional object argument of type object:

    "rules": {
        "jsx-a11y/aria-role": [ 2, {
            "allowedInvalidRoles": ["text"],
            "ignoreNonDOM": true

allowedInvalidRules is an optional string array of custom roles that should be allowed in addition to the ARIA spec, such as for cases when you need to use a non-standard role.

For the ignoreNonDOM option, this determines if developer created components are checked.


<div role="button"></div>     <!-- Good: "button" is a valid ARIA role -->
<div role={role}></div>       <!-- Good: role is a variable & cannot be determined until runtime. -->
<div></div>                   <!-- Good: No ARIA role -->
<Foo role={role}></Foo>       <!-- Good: ignoreNonDOM is set to true -->


<div role="datepicker"></div> <!-- Bad: "datepicker" is not an ARIA role -->
<div role="range"></div>      <!-- Bad: "range" is an _abstract_ ARIA role -->
<div role=""></div>           <!-- Bad: An empty ARIA role is not allowed -->
<Foo role={role}></Foo>       <!-- Bad: ignoreNonDOM is set to false or not set -->

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