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💼 This rule is enabled in the following configs: ☑️ recommended, 🔒 strict.

Some HTML elements have native semantics that are implemented by the browser. This includes default/implicit ARIA roles. Setting an ARIA role that matches its default/implicit role is redundant since it is already set by the browser.

Rule options

The default options for this rule allow an implicit role of navigation to be applied to a nav element as is advised by w3. The options are provided as an object keyed by HTML element name; the value is an array of implicit ARIA roles that are allowed on the specified element.

  'jsx-a11y/no-redundant-roles': [
      nav: ['navigation'],


<div />
<button role="presentation" />
<MyComponent role="main" />


<button role="button" />
<img role="img" src="foo.jpg" />

Accessibility guidelines

General best practice (reference resources)