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@sualko sualko released this Mar 3, 2019 · 51 commits to refactoring since this release

If you like to see what will be new in JSXC 4.0, we recommend you have a look at our changelog. Below you find a list of changes compared to our last alpha release.

Bug Fixes

  • app name in about dialog (e61597a)
  • default value for client options (02bdf5f)
  • destroy room properly (dcabf6f)
  • detachment of submit events (01f8769)
  • don't iterrate into values from array prototype in for loop (02dff4a)
  • don't join already joined rooms (faadacd)
  • hide OMEMO menu entry for muc (198d051)
  • ignore not jsxc related storage events (aca9e62)
  • language support (d31b957), closes #573
  • loadOptions option (1a4a96b)
  • make jid optional in avatar placeholder (01c94bb)
  • minor todos (ad732bd)
  • muc configuration (821b6cf)
  • muc join regression (05ca42a)
  • mute notification (f3d8ea7)
  • online help link (2d04c1b)
  • option import (d13cbeb)
  • option merge (7494646)
  • prevent multiple contact property updates (7f2eed0)
  • register api (12ba222)
  • regression for getMUCService (d76d77e)
  • reject account creation without url (757b564)
  • remove obsolete client section from settings (8db5f09)
  • rename contact (2bbdd49), closes #753
  • roster notification option update (db63db2)
  • scrollbar update (0f5750d)
  • store only a specific amount of messages per chat (c9daa53)
  • tslint globbing for package scripts (d1b2b9a)
  • types for disco (63f444f)
  • use singleton node for OMEMO (934715a)

Code Refactoring


  • add button to remove all notices at once (b1d9cad)
  • add chain based option access (221cd7e)
  • add emoticons to some system messages (04bf5d5)
  • add end function to public api (a1bd337)
  • add option to specify root of jsxc (78fb61b)
  • add pubsub service (0c6c585)
  • add showLoginBox to public api (ee36ba5)
  • add watchLogoutClick to public api (be501e0)
  • bookmarks (XEP-0048) (2e86975)
  • convert geo url to link (4e5054d)
  • destroy plugins on shutdown (7a88ec3)
  • detect geo links in chat message (0e4f6ac)
  • display muc avatar (e2fc456)
  • expose translate function to public (a177cfc)
  • include log in debug dialog (11c92e6)
  • make default avatar configurable (742222e)
  • make window list scrollable (120c649)
  • mark otr session as verified in ui (1b94fc4)
  • option retrieval (efdae00)
  • parse emoticons in last message (7066d8f)
  • parse reported and item elements in form (f3b26f1)
  • show jid in roster item title (7eea2bf)
  • show jid in vcard dialog (b318d15)
  • show mute icon in roster (dd9038d)
  • use custom resource as default (ca7d7f5)
  • use password from connection options (faddc62)
  • use storage option to change storage backend (c73d035), closes #512


  • expose object instead of functions. This requires the user
    to initialize jsxc first.
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