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Installation instructions for xmpp-cloud-auth

Note: Experienced admins may prefer the installation instructions that come with the code. They are more up-to-date, but also more terse, and cover less of setting up the surrounding system parts.

Note: Fast step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Debian Stretch-based Nextcloud+JSXC+ejabberd server can be found in our Raspberry Pi Howto (also available in German).

How to set up Nextcloud with Apache and Prosody or ejabberd on Debian/Ubuntu with user management done entirely in Nextcloud.

The following instructions assume a fresh Debian/Ubuntu installation. Please replace,, and 2001:db8::2 with your real domain and IPv4/IPv6 addresses. (If you are unlucky enough to hav e a provider which still does not support IPv6, just leave out the AAAA lines in your DNS configuration.)

All operations are performed as root (after e.g. sudo -s) unless otherwise noted.

  1. Installing the software
  2. Setting up DNS entries
  3. Setting up Apache with a Let's Encrypt certificate
  4. Configuring either Prosody or ejabberd (without authentication)
  5. Configuring Nextcloud
  6. Adding authentication to either Prosody or ejabberd
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