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a plugin base on 2dcJqgrid for rails3 to use jqgrid

This Rails plugin allows you to add jQuery datagrids into your applications.

Following features are supported :

  • Ajax enabled

  • Sorting

  • Pagination

  • Search

  • CRUD operations (add, edit, delete and read)

  • Multi-selection (checkboxes)

  • Master-details

  • Themes

  • And more …

Install and Uninstall

$ rails plugin install git://

$ rake jqgrid:install

$ rake jqgrid:uninstall


You can now generate a grid using a command like this one :

$ rails generate jqgrid user id pseudo email firstname

it will create a controller and a view file to the app path,and you must change route to use it ,you can see it in the



You can use it simple,eg;

$ <%=jqgrid_javascripts%>

$ <%=jqgrid_stylesheets%> 

if you want to use other theme,you cna change it like :

$ <%=jqgrid_stylesheets "theme"%>

the theme in /public/stylesheets/jqgrid/themes/,you can custom a jquery ui theme,and copy the file into the path

Copyright © 2010 Anthony Heukmes, released under the MIT license

My gmail account :

JsY Changes

o Add controller methods to ActionController::Base:


  Now, a grid-enabled controller just needs:

    COLUMNS = [:name, :email]
    def index
      jqgrid_index_for MyModel, params, COLUMNS

    def post_data
      jqgrid_post_data_for MyModel, params, COLUMNS

Released under the MIT license.