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Add GPX to routing_points.xml

This script inserts a track defined by a GPX file into the routing_points.xml file used by MapFactor Navigation so you can create a route and use it in the app. You will need to replace the routing_points.xml in your install directory on your device to see the added track.

As Route-Importer for MapFactor failed to work on my Android Marshmellow device, I had to resort to writing my own GPX convertor for long cycle rides.

To Run

node insertGPX.js <your_gpx_file> [random_sample_threshold]

Example usage:

# With waypoints from "brouter-leicester-cardiff.gpx", randomly pick to include any single way point
# with a 5% chance.
node insertGPX.js brouter-leicester-cardiff.gpx 0.05



Lat-long coordinates from GPX are in Decimal format vs Degrees Minutes Seconds (Milliseconds) format in the routing_points.xml file.

// Degrees-Minutes-Seconds-MilliSeconds to Decimal
function DMSMS_to_DEC(ms){
    return (ms / 3600000) % 360;

// Reverse
function DEC_to_MS(deg){
    return Math.round(deg * 60 * 60 * 1000);


This software is licensed under GPLv2. See LICENCE file for details.