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Grabs all sounds found matching a query that are 2 seconds or less in length from

This project was created as part of a hack: read about my random sound tin project here.

  1. Download all matching sound files
  2. (optional) Normalize them in terms of loudness
  3. (optional) Convert them into WAV

You will need to install ffmpeg and ffmpeg-normalize to convert and normalize the retrieved files.


# 0. Install all dependencies

# Begin scraping, it will indicate when downloads have happened
# After a certain period of time if you hit ENTER and see that no new
# downloads have finished, you can CTRL-C to quit the script

# 1. "beep" will grab all sounds matching "beep" query
yarn start beep

# 2. Normalize loudness for all mp3 files
yarn normalize

# 3. Convert all MP3 files to WAV for playback with `aplay` which is pre-installed on Raspbian
yarn convert