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- nacitani vyskovejch map (png, raw, vic?)
- zakladni menu
- pluginovatelny?
- stromecky, baracky, voda
- otaceni kamery, ...
- stromy jako bilbordy, mozna plugin pro podporu modelu + naky nastaveni
- generovani terenu (vyskovych map?)
- opengl 3?
- wxwidgets na okynka
- knihovna na nacitani obrazku
- mingw na cross compiling
- scons? make?
k pickingu:
another solution would be to render the terrain flat shaded to an auxilary
buffer, with no lighting or anything, and draw the triangles (or patches, or
objects) with a unique colour (like their index in the list). Then you read the
color back at the pixel, and it gives you the index of the triangle. This is
purely a hardware method, But your method is fine
texture blending?
obrazek (treba prsten) kolem kurzoru tak, aby byl nalepenej na terenu
zpusob pickingu kdyz nebude vyrenderovanej jen teren (pouzit dalsi render target
a delat tam?)
neco lepciho nez pri novym nacteni smazat -> znova vytvorit novy data v pameti i
na karte?
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