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#!/bin/sh --
# grep for some things which may look like security problems.
TMPFILE="`mktemp check_sec.tmp.XXXXXX`" || exit 1
do_check_files ()
pattern="$1" ; shift
magic="$1" ; shift
msg="$1" ; shift
egrep -n "$pattern" "$@" | \
grep -v '^[^ ]*:[^ ]*#' | \
fgrep -v "$magic" > $TMPFILE
test -s $TMPFILE && {
echo "$msg" ;
rm -f $TMPFILE;
do_check ()
do_check_files "$1" "$2" "$3" `find . -path ./intl -prune -o -name '*.c' -print`
do_check '\<fopen.*'\"'.*w' __FOPEN_CHECKED__ "Alert: Unchecked fopen calls."
do_check '\<fclose.*'\"'.*w' __FCLOSE_CHECKED__ "Alert: Unchecked fclose calls."
do_check '\<(mutt_)?strcpy' __STRCPY_CHECKED__ "Alert: Unchecked strcpy calls."
do_check '\<strcat' __STRCAT_CHECKED__ "Alert: Unchecked strcat calls."
do_check '\<sprintf.*%s' __SPRINTF_CHECKED__ "Alert: Unchecked sprintf calls."
do_check '\<strncat' __STRNCAT_CHECKED__ "You probably meant safe_strcat here."
do_check '\<safe_free' __SAFE_FREE_CHECKED__ "You probably meant FREE here."
do_check '\<FREE[ ]?\([^&]' __FREE_CHECKED__ "You probably meant FREE(&...) here."
# don't do this check on others' code.
do_check_files '\<(malloc|realloc|free|strdup)[ ]*\(' __MEM_CHECKED__ "Alert: Use of traditional memory management calls." \
*.c imap/*.c
rm -f $TMPFILE
exit $RV
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