Generate ctags-compatible tags files for Markdown documents.
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This application generates ctags-compatible output for the sections of a Markdown document.

The motivation was to have a tool fast enough to use with the TagBar plugin in Vim.

Using with TagBar

To use this tool with TagBar, add the following into your ~/.vimrc:

" Add support for markdown files in tagbar.
let g:tagbar_type_markdown = {
    \ 'ctagstype': 'markdown',
    \ 'ctagsbin' : '/path/to/',
    \ 'ctagsargs' : '-f - --sort=yes',
    \ 'kinds' : [
        \ 's:sections',
        \ 'i:images'
    \ ],
    \ 'sro' : '|',
    \ 'kind2scope' : {
        \ 's' : 'section',
    \ },
    \ 'sort': 0,
\ }

You'll need to have the TagBar plugin installed for this to work. Also, you make need to call the variable g:tagbar_type_mkd and change ctagstype to 'mkd' if you're Ben William's Markdown syntax highlighting script. It sets the file type to mkd whereas Tim Pope's sets it to markdown.


This tool is licensed under a Simplified BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.