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Commits on Feb 9, 2011
  1. Fix unit tests for Python 2.5

    J. David Ibañez authored
  2. Fix compilation warning on unused variable

    J. David Ibañez authored
Commits on Feb 8, 2011
  1. Add unit tests for the index file

    J. David Ibañez authored
  2. Implement mapping protocol for the index file

    J. David Ibañez authored
    It is possible to:
      len(index)      # get the number of entries in the index
      '...' in index  # check whether there is an entry with the given path
      index[1]        # get entry by position
      index['...']    # get entry by path
      del index[...]  # remove entry by position or path
  3. Initial support for index entries

    J. David Ibañez authored
    Now we can do this:
    repo = Repository('.git')
    index = repo.index
    n = index.find('readme.txt')
    entry = index.get(n)
    blob = repo[entry.sha]
Commits on Feb 7, 2011
  1. Partial support for index operations

    J. David Ibañez authored
    For every function not involving index entries this commit adds a
    method to the Index type.
  2. Add index test case for a non-bare repo

    J. David Ibañez authored
  3. Start support for the index file

    J. David Ibañez authored
  4. Complete .gitignore

    J. David Ibañez authored
    Ignore files produced when running the tests, and vim swap files.
Commits on Feb 2, 2011
  1. Make pygit2 build against new libgit2 API

    J. David Ibañez authored
    Now Tree.add_entry returns the created entry.
Commits on Jan 7, 2011
  1. Make pygit2 build against new libgit2 API

    Rui Abreu Ferreira authored Rui Abreu Ferreira committed
    - Replace git_person with git_signature
    - Replace include directives with git2
Commits on Nov 30, 2010
  1. @vmg


    vmg authored
    Clone URL was wrong; installation instructions were outdated.
    Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <>
Commits on Nov 13, 2010
  1. @vmg

    Update README file

    vmg authored
    Add installation instructions, dependencies, authors, etc
    Signed-off-by: Vicent Marti <>
Commits on Nov 12, 2010
  1. @dborowitz

    Fix some Tree error messages.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Ic72c307436d2e1abb610ac8a3dab26f1c4995255
  2. @dborowitz

    Add KeyError assert to test_repository.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Ifd29be456c61fdd476a3298b1ead110283d2424e
  3. @dborowitz

    Add assertRaisesWithArg for better KeyError/IndexError testing.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Iadc9075e8e705579e4c0daf49fe7110db55e87c0
  4. @dborowitz

    Update various calls to new error-code-returning interface.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: I56d60a99e5eb251825b1225b06dadb7848d5b2dd
  5. @dborowitz

    Reorganize error helper functions.

    dborowitz authored
    -Factor out a function for mapping libgit2 error numbers to Python
     exception types.
    -Rename Error_set_py_str -> Error_set_py_obj.
    -Simplify formatting of Error_set_py_obj to just prefix the git_strerror
     with the offending object.
    -Add Error_set_str, like py_str but with C strings.
    Change-Id: I51fe47c96a0c57aaeafd2c98418c0c548b93147d
  6. @dborowitz

    Factor out functions to build and parse person tuples.

    dborowitz authored
    This also gives us more flexibility if we decide to change the person
    object representation to something other than a tuple.
    Also fix a format string to correctly cast to long long.
    Change-Id: I0ed496c6807328084a26a956c77871c3cb76eedf
  7. @dborowitz

    Correctly return Py_None.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Id41325a71a9433dbee3746fb4c7bd3d834a7d64c
  8. @dborowitz

    Add Tag class.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Ia7240e96dd6da69d373f385bde67e8d3aa70f7b1
  9. @dborowitz

    Add helper function to convert strings to git_oids.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Ie1c31ae87ff9611ee892f02423277ce59996c76b
  10. @dborowitz

    Fix a few exception returns.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Ibb36fd6c14450dfb436ee545b1a91e44b8b2f8cb
  11. @dborowitz

    Add GitError base class and error-setting functions.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: I00d05970f15d082fa3c41998089e4e27524a4346
  12. @dborowitz

    Factor out more object initialization.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: I2f6d029ce22995ce4518b43593e6e45e481631f0
  13. @dborowitz

    Add Blob class.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: I8c448be4947c2090c4378d62cc3d935483fcf055
  14. @dborowitz

    Add Tree and TreeEntry classes, with tests.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Idadd5fc59b85506260a1f57b5e7488aed590bfa1
  15. @dborowitz

    Factor out a helper function for initializing Objects.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Ibf1585bbd4fd5adfb835e34d02fc6186a97d1cd9
  16. @dborowitz

    Return None for sha of in-memory objects.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Ieb1f332184bf747f4f8b12f12fec9e3570f74b10
  17. @dborowitz

    Add tests for Commit.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: Ic8f017728459e98c5c12376bd3f6d3fe08988e59
  18. @dborowitz

    Add simple repository tests.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: I128ac826f1c673002bc6f17696691e5a4bd7f0fd
Commits on Nov 4, 2010
  1. @dborowitz

    Export GIT_OBJ_* constants.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: I3933d2a0c700f0ada626655eb5deb3e841887c04
  2. @dborowitz

    Allow in-memory object creation and writing.

    dborowitz authored
    Currently doesn't work because we don't have enough setters to set all
    the required Commit attributes.
    Change-Id: I65c6d22f6639bc9e9ef3c430863f099f25ea9994
  3. @dborowitz

    Add Commit subclass of Object.

    dborowitz authored
    Only supports a few read-only properties so far.
    Change-Id: I6e5bea0ab22c8821a625327c3d81cce20d012037
  4. @dborowitz

    Add method.

    dborowitz authored
    Change-Id: I0891d624d8dff6cd211bafeb7b4f96416aa0b28b
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