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This middleware prevents CSRF attacks by providing a randomly-generated anti-forgery token.


Add the following dependency to your project.clj:

[ring-anti-forgery "0.1.2"]


When a handler is wrapped in the wrap-anti-forgery middleware, a randomly- generated string is assigned to the *anti-forgery-token* var. This token must be included as a parameter named "__anti-forgery-token" for all POST requests to the handler. Typically you'll add this to a hidden input field:

(str "<input type='hidden' name='__anti-forgery-token' value='" *anti-forgery-token* "'>")

A cookie of the same name is added to the response body by the middleware. If the cookie and the POST parameter don't match, then a 403 Forbidden response is returned. This ensures that requests cannot be POSTed from other domains.


The anti-forgery middleware will prevent POSTs working for web service routes, so you should only apply this middleware to the part of your website meant for browsers.

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