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This plugin is meant to help you with your agile process using Trac. One of
the key practices of agile development, is prioritizing the backlog. That
can be difficult to do in Trac, as it doesn't have any way of doing
fine-grained ranking of tickets. This plugin helps resolve that
TracBacklog adds a new navigational element to your navigation bar.
Clicking on it will take you to the unscheduled backlog (all active tickets
that aren't currently assigned to a milestone). On the right hand side,
is a listing of open milestones. The idea is that you drag-n-drop tickets
within the list itself to change their rank. Once you're happy with the
ranking (i.e., you've worked with your customer to prioritize the outstanding
tickets), you drag-n-drop tickets onto a milestone to assign it into the
milestone. This effectively treats milestones as sprints, which works well
for us... and I hope it works well for you!
There are no known bugs at this time. If you do find some, please report
them to:
Main Website
This project is hosted in Launchpad. You can find more about the project
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