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doc: fix the variable name used to prevent the plugin from loading

Thanks to Dr. Mike Henry for the patch!
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jszakmeister committed Aug 5, 2013
1 parent a9a5d76 commit 680f26a8b517e9a48b85c5e7bf5d147da099abaa
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@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ interaction with the terminal, but sometimes bugs happen. If you run into an
environment where cursor changing is a problem, put the following into your
vimrc to disable the plugin: >
- let g:togglecursor_loaded = 0
+ let g:loaded_togglecursor = 0
Once such bug appears to exist in tmux 1.6, at least under Fedora 16. If you
experience troubles with cursor changing under tmux, you can disable cursor

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