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Talker PHP Client

A real-time Talker PHP client. Wraps the Talker protocol and provides methods both to talk, and to listen in on a room with event callbacks.

For simple talking

1) Get a Talker account at

2) Get your Talker Token on

3) Connect to a room and talk:

$talker = new Talker();
$talker->connect("Room name","Talker token");

To listen

1) Create a listener class that extends BaseListener.

2) Provide a method for any of the events you want to handle.

3) Tell Talker to start listening, and provide your listener object:

$listener = new MyListener();


See exampleclient.php and examplelistener.php.


Released under the MIT license.


Thanks to for Talker.rb. Was helpful in getting this written.

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