An iOS app comparing manual layout and Auto Layout for table cells with dynamic heights.
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Auto Layout for Table View Cells with Dynamic Heights

This is the sample application for the blog post Auto Layout for Table View Cells with Dynamic Heights which implements a Twitter-like table view that can switch between two cell types:

  • JSManualMessageCell uses manual geometry to position elements in layoutSubviews
  • JSAutoMessageCell uses Auto Layout to position elements with constraints

The table view also implements 3 performance optimizations that can be turned on and off with compile-time feature flags:

  1. row height caching (PERFORMANCE_ENABLE_HEIGHT_CACHE)
  2. separate cell identifier for media cells (PERFORMANCE_ENABLE_MEDIA_CELL_ID)
  3. iOS 7's tableView:estimatedHeightForRowAtIndexPath: (PERFORMANCE_ENABLE_ESTIMATED_ROW_HEIGHT)


Screenshot of sample application