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GoDoc Circle CI Go Report Card coverage

Go library for interacting with CircleCI's API. Supports all current API endpoints allowing you do do things like:

  • Query for recent builds
  • Get build details
  • Retry builds
  • Manipulate checkout keys, environment variables, and other settings for a project

The CircleCI HTTP API response schemas are not well documented so please file an issue if you run into something that doesn't match up.

Example usage:

package main

import (


func main() {
        client := &circleci.Client{Token: "YOUR TOKEN"} // Token not required to query info for public projects

        builds, _ := client.ListRecentBuildsForProject("jszwedko", "circleci-cli", "master", "", -1, 0)

        for _, build := range builds {
                fmt.Printf("%d: %s\n", build.BuildNum, build.Status)

For the CLI that uses this library (or to see more example usages), please see circleci-cli.

See GoDoc for API usage.

Feature requests and issues welcome!