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api AlarmManager: Set RTC_POWEROFF_WAKEUP as hidden alarm type
btobex OBEX: OBEX L2CAP feature and bug fix(es).
cmds bootanimtion: fix no boot sound due to error file descriptor
core frameworks/base: support devices with SoftAp that don't require firmw…
data Duplicate sounds file names are displayed in notification list
docs Doc change: misc changes to highlights.
drm am 5fed49f: am 4d9fcae: Merge "Allow for a NoOp implementation of Drm…
graphics Make sure the bitmap from VD's cache is drawn using bi-linear filter.
include base: Fix the problems for runtime overlay.
keystore Correct test data size in keystore signing and verification tests.
libs androidfw: Init the items which are not present in the idmap as 0xfff…
location geofence: Low power geofence HW implementation
media AudioService: add STREAM_DTMF to stream affected by ringer mode
native Sensor related changes for NDK.
obex OBEX: Handling GET operation properly
opengl/java Re-allow suppressing onDetachedFromWindow
packages SystemUI: Fix HSPA+ and LTE icons in statusbar
policy Sensor: Enable the motion accelerometer for screen orientation change
rs Stop sign-extending RS IDs.
samples/training/network-usage cherrypick from ics-mr1 docs: source for nw app Change-Id: If50f407a0…
sax Remove unused imports from frameworks/base.
security-bridge/java/src/com/android/services/SecurityBridge/api framework: Added AOSP Security Bridge hooks
services frameworks/base: support devices with SoftAp that don't require firmw…
telecomm/java Notify listeners of video quality changed event
telephony/java IMS: Add support for video quality
test-runner Fix test framework to allow Mockito tests to run successfully on ART.
tests Merge "Add tests for model management [SDK Only]" into lmp-dev
wifi/java/android/net/wifi SOFTAP: implement SOFTAP new requirement in framework Bluetooth: Changes for LPP Renaming Telecomm to Telecom.
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
NOTICE Original DnsSd TxtRecord file
preloaded-classes Revert "Revert "Frameworks/base: Update to preloaded-classes""
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