Womprat colorscheme for Vim
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Womprat colorscheme for Vim

Colorscheme based on David Liang's wombat256mod, which is in turn based on wombat by Lars Nielsen.

Works on xterms with 256 colors.


See http://jontai.me/blog/2012/10/womprat-colorscheme-for-vim/ for more screenshots.

Womprat editing Scala


Option 1: Manual installation

  1. Clone the repository.

    $ git clone https://github.com/jtai/vim-womprat.git
  2. Move githublink.vim to your .vim/colors directory.

    $ cd vim-womprat/colors
    $ mv *.vim ~/.vim/colors/

Option 2: Pathogen installation (recommended)

  1. Download and install Tim Pope's Pathogen.

  2. Clone the repository in the pathogen plugins directory.

    $ cd ~/.vim/bundle
    $ git clone https://github.com/jtai/vim-womprat.git

Modify .vimrc

After you've installed womprat, add this line to your .vimrc:

colorscheme womprat