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## Analyzing DOSPERT from Qualtrics (Note: only uses one response)
## First, load the neccessary packages that will be needed for the analyses and set the Working Directory.
setwd("C:/Users/World/Desktop/Joe/Research/CDS - Columbia/DOSPERT")
## Next read the file in from Qualtrics.
dataQ <- xmlToDataFrame("DOSPERT.xml", stringsAsFactors = F)
## This is how the head of your columns should look after uploading the file.
## Eliminating the location columns and melting the data into the right structure.
dataQ <- dataQ[, -101:-103] ## Skip this step if you need the location columns for further analysis
dataQm <- melt(dataQ, id = c("ResponseID", "ResponseSet", "Name", "ExternalDataReference",
"EmailAddress", "IPAddress", "Status", "StartDate", "EndDate", "Finished"))
## This is how your data should look after being melted.
## Split the variable column into 3 columns.
dataQm <- mutate(dataQm, Scale = str_extract(variable, "(RiskTaking|RiskPerceptions|ExpectedBenefits)"),
Domain = str_replace(variable, "[A-Za-z]*_([A-Za-z]{1,2})\\d+", "\\1"),
Question = str_extract(variable, "\\d{1,2}"))
## This is how the new columns should look.
head(dataQm[, 13:15])
## The sums have to be calculated of each domain for each subject.
dataQm$value <- as.numeric(dataQm$value)
ddply(dataQm, .(ResponseID, Domain), summarize, sum = round(sum(value)))
## The data will be casted into the right format to conduct a linear regression.
dataQc <- dcast(dataQm, ResponseID + ResponseSet + Name + ExternalDataReference +
EmailAddress + IPAddress + Status + StartDate + EndDate + Finished + Domain +
Question ~ Scale, value.var = "value")
## This is how the last 5 columns of your casted data frame should look
head(dataQc[, 11:15])
## Next we will regress Expected Benefits and Risk Perceptions on Risk Taking for each item on the scale to calculate risk-attitude.
model <- function(dataQc) {
lm(RiskTaking ~ RiskPerceptions + ExpectedBenefits, data = dataQc)
dataQc.lm <- dlply(dataQc, .(Domain, ResponseID), model)
## Your regression results should look like these: