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Check Parallel Tool

A tool to check if the line connecting BCPs & oncurves are parallel, as well as edit BCPs by manipulating connection lines.

The extension draws guidelines and installs its own editing tool.

animated demo

How to use

Guides are toggled on/off by pressing the "/" key and can be used with any tool (EditingTool, ScalingEditTool, etc.).
Guide visibility is shown at the bottom right corner of the glyph window. guides demo

Similar to other Tunni tools, the Edit Connection Line Tool allows users to edit BCPs by manipulating the line between them. guides demo

With the tool on, double-click on the canvas to set tool accuracy. This tool reads and writes a text file for data persistence. menu demo


Inspired by the What I learned from Rod Cavazos section of OHno Type Co's "Drawing Vectors for Type & Lettering".

H/t to Stephen Nixon for the "guides-only" idea. As always, thanks to Frederik Berlaen and Gustavo Ferreira for all the Robohelp!

To do / other ideas

  • Some sort of gradated color scheme, so it's less "right" vs. "wrong"
  • Compare multiple segments (ie. see if parallel segments are really parallel)


Simple tool to check handles in RF






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