Corrected Lake Greek Text and (eventually) analysis
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Apostolic Fathers

Edited by James Tauber and Seumas Macdonald

The Perseus Digital Library / Open Greek and Latin Project text of Lake is currently being compared with the text in CCEL and in Logos to identify discrepancies. These are then being manually checked (twice independently) against the printed Lake to produce a new, corrected text of the Apostolic Fathers based on Lake.

See for details of the process.

Lemmatisation and morphological analysis will follow.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Prep — text converted and aligned
JT1 — first correction by James
SM1 — first correction by Seumas
Candidate — consensus achieved and candidate corrected text available

Code Work Prep JT1 SM1 Candidate Link
001 1 Clement 001-i_clement_CORRECTED.txt
002 2 Clement 002-ii_clement_CORRECTED.txt
003 Ignatius to Ephesians 003-ignatius-ephesians_CORRECTED.txt
004 Ignatius to Magnesians 004-ignatius-magnesians_CORRECTED.txt
005 Ignatius to Trallians 005-ignatius-trallians_CORRECTED.txt
006 Ignatius to Romans 006-ignatius-romans_CORRECTED.txt
007 Ignatius to Philadelphians 007-ignatius-philadelphians_CORRECTED.txt
008 Ignatius to Smyrnaeans 008-ignatius-smyrnaeans_CORRECTED.txt
009 Ignatius to Polycarp 009-ignatius-polycarp_CORRECTED.txt
010 Polycarp to Philippians 010-polycarp-philippians_CORRECTED.txt
011 Didache 011-didache_CORRECTED.txt
012 Barnabas 012-barnabas_CORRECTED.txt
013 Shepherd 47% 65%
014 Martyrdom of Polycarp
015 Diognetus