a Python tool for assessing the performance of piano exercises
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This is a super-early-prototype of a super-experimental tool for assessing
the performance of piano exercises. It is written in Python.

The basic idea is:

 1. record a performance of the exercise as MIDI (or similar) events
 2. align the performed notes with the "score" notes
 3. identify errors as well as fluctuations in timing, velocity, etc

The first two items are at a very early prototype stage. The third has not
yet been started on.

The recorder directory has a pyrex wrapper around OS X's Core MIDI library and 
a Python script for outputting events coming in from a MIDI keyboard.

The examples directory has some initial recordings and the "score" for the
right hand of Hanon's 21st exercise (as well the Python code for generating
this "score")

The prototypes directory has an implementation of the Needleman-Wunsch
alignment algorithm and a script for using it to process a performance and
score of Hanon's 21st exercise.

Czerny is a sister project to Sebastian. Where Sebastian is about analyzing
and producing compositions, Czerny is about analyzing performances (especially 
of keyboard exercises).

James Tauber