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organising collaboration on Greek texts for learners
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organising collaboration on Greek texts for learners

Who We Are

What We're Producing

  • openly-licensed base texts following agreed-upon conventions
  • tooling which produces a static website, EPUB, print-ready version, and (where appropriate) CTS TEI XML for contributing back to OGL / showing in Scaife
  • linguistic annotation necessary to do things like track vocabulary, produce context-specific glosses, etc.


Ancient Texts

18th–20th Century Greek Readers

Born-Digital Readers

Non-Text Data

Some of my relevant projects

plus other stuff I still need to open up consolidating vocabulary lists like DCC and the "Major 80" and also lists of principal parts.


Some of my relevant projects (a few more closed-source to open up)

Although note that the point of this project is producing texts (and annotations). The tools are mostly a side-effect.

Joining Us

We have a Slack workspace If you're interested in joining, send an email to introducing yourself and he'll invite you to Slack.

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