researching how to improve the way people learn Koine Greek
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I’m building this site partly to help people learn Koine Greek and partly to research how to improve the way people learn Koine Greek.

I’m bringing together lessons learnt from fields such as linguistics, learning sciences, psychometrics and machine learning, and such projects as MorphGNT, graded-reader, Quisition and Typewar. This project will combine many of my interests and endeavours from the last twenty years.

It will kick off with short surveys and games and will be built up incrementally with a strong focus on gathering data and performing learning experiments.

I’m starting small but have ambitious goals. I’m eventually going to need a lot of people to use the site to get the data I need. But I also want to teach a lot of people Koine Greek.

All the code will be open source and hopefully most of the content will be open as well. Data about individuals will not be public but data in the aggregate will be shared as potentially will de-personalized data.

Stay tuned.