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The html_mini gem includes a simple module and a middleware that adds HTML minification for Rack applications. HtmlMini is optimised for speed over syntax preservation.


This is an early release that has not been tested in production. I wanted to try out creating a rack middleware and a gem. The minify logic is minimal therefore unexpected issues can occur. Use at your own risk

If you have inline Javascript in your Html, make sure all lines are ended by semi colons, and that you only use multi or full line comments, no comments at end of line.

Using with Rack application

HtmlMini can be used with any Rack application, for example with a Sinatra application. If your application includes a rackup file or uses Rack::Builder to construct the application pipeline, simply require and use as follows:

require 'rack/minify'
use Rack::Minify
run app

Using with Rails 3

In order to use, include the following in a Rails application Gemfile file:

gem 'html_mini'

config/application.rb file:

require 'rack/minify'
config.middleware.insert_before Rack::ETag, Rack::Minify

Check the Rack configuration:

rake middleware



Jerome Touffe-Blin, @jtblin,


HtmlMini is copyright 2012 Jerome Touffe-Blin and contributors. It is licensed under the BSD license. See the include LICENSE file for details.