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A Batch Image Processing GUI that outputs Printer-ready compiled sheets of images.
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Batch Image Processing

A Batch Image Processing GUI that outputs Printer-ready compiled sheets of images. In the current iteration, the user can crop an image into a circle, and adjust the Black & White filter by using an intuitive GUI that runs on OpenCV.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.



In order to install, open your virtual environment where you installed OpenCV, and then pip-install the requirements for the script.

$ workon cv
(cv)$ pip install -r requirements.txt


Now you are ready to run the script. Locate the origin folder for the images to process, and the output for where to save the results.

(cv)$ cd /Path/to/Script/
(cv) Path/to/Script/ $ python -i /Users/Path/to/Images/Folder/ -o /Users/Path/to/Output/Folder/


The program allows the user to batch process all images in a given input folder

User Processing

Crop to Circle

By clicking and holding the mouse, the script captures and makes a circle around the beginning and end-points. After each circle is drawn, the user can either:

  • Press [A] to accept the crop and move to the next step
  • Press [D] to decline the crop and restart
  • Or continue to draw test circles

Alt text

Apply Black & White Filter

By using the sliding scales, the script enables the user to decide on the amounts of R, G, B color channels to show in the output. After each update to the sliders:

  • Press [A] to accept the filter and continue to the next image
  • Press [D] to decline the filter and restart
  • Or continue to test filter parameters

Alt text


After all the images have been processed, the computer resizes them and compiles them to a printer ready sheet.

Alt text

Built With

  • OpenCV - Open Source Computer Vision Library
  • Pip - Dependency Management
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