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vty is a terminal interface library.
-Vty currently provides:
+Project is hosted on
+git clone git://
+# Features
* Automatic handling of window resizes.
@@ -29,7 +33,7 @@ Vty currently provides:
* Properly handles cleanup.
-Current disadvantages:
+# Known Issues
* The character encoding of the output terminal is assumed to be UTF-8.
@@ -40,11 +44,13 @@ Current disadvantages:
* Uses the TIOCGWINSZ ioctl to find the current window size, which
appears to be limited to Linux and *BSD.
-Project is hosted on
+# Platform Support
-git clone git://
+## Posix Terminals
+Uses terminfo to determine terminal protocol. Some special rules for Mac terminal applications. The
+special rules might be invalid on newer Mac OS.
-To compile the demonstration program: ghc --make test/Test.hs gwinsz.c
+## Windows
-The main documentation consists of the haddock-comments and the demonstration
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--- Copyright 2009-2010 Corey O'Connor
+-- Copyright Corey O'Connor
-- The standard Mac OS X terminals and iTerm both declare themselves to be
-- "xterm-color" by default. However the terminfo database for xterm-color included with OS X is
-- incomplete.

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