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This package exposes a comprehensive API to allow interaction with MPD (Music Player Daemon).
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MPD client library

This package wraps the MPD API. It lets you control MPD through your own programs. For usage examples, refer to mpd_test.go.

Supported commands:

 disableoutput: Turns an audio-output source off.
  enableoutput: Turns an audio-output source on.
          kill: Stops MPD from running, in a safe way. Writes a state file if
        update: Scans the music directory as defined in the MPD configuration
                file's music_directory  setting. Adds new files and their
                metadata (if any) to the MPD database and removes files and
                metadata from the database that are no longer in the directory.
        status: Reports the current status of MPD, as well as the current
                settings of some playback options.
         stats: Reports database and playlist statistics.
       outputs: Reports information about all known audio output devices.
      commands: Reports which commands the current user has access to.
   notcommands: Reports which commands the current user has *no* access to.
      tagtypes: Reports a list of available song metadata fields.
   urlhandlers: Reports a list of available URL handlers.
          find: Finds songs in the database with a case sensitive, exact match
                to @term.
          list: Reports all metadata of @type1.
       listall: Reports all directories and filenames in @path recursively.
   listallinfo: Reports all information in database about all music files in
                <string path> recursively.
        lsinfo: Reports contents of @path, from the database.
        search: Finds songs in the database with a case insensitive match to
         count: Reports the number of songs and their total playtime in the
                database matching @what.
           add: Add a single file from the database to the playlist. This
                command increments the playlist version by 1 for each song
                added to the playlist.
         addid: Same as 'add', but this returns a playlistid and allows
                specifying a position at which to insert the file(s).
         clear: Clears the current playlist. Increments the playlist version by
       current: Reports the metadata of the currently playing song.
        delete: Deletes the specified song from the playlist. increments the
                playlist version by 1.
      deleteid: Deletes the specified song from the playlist. Increments the
                playlist version by 1.
          load: Load the playlist @name from the playlist directory, Increments
                the playlist version by the number of songs added.
        rename: Renames a playlist from @oldname to @newname.
          move: Moves a song from position @src to position @dest.
        moveid: Moves a song with id @src to position @dest.
        plinfo: Reports metadata for songs in the playlist.
     plchanges: Reports changed songs currently in the playlist since @version.
            rm: Removes the playlist called @name from the playlist directory.
          save: Saves the current playlist to @name in the playlist directory.
       shuffle: Shuffles the current playlist, increments playlist version by 1.
          swap: Swap positions of songs at positions @pos1 and @pos2. Increments
                playlist version by 1.
        swapid: Swap positions of songs with id @pos1 and @pos2. Increments
                playlist version by 1.
        listpl: Reports files in playlist named @name.
    listplinfo: Reports songs in playlist named @name.
         pladd: Adds @path to playlist @name.
       plclear: Clears playlist @name.
      pldelete: Deletes song with given @id from playlist @name.
        plmove: Moves song with given @id in playlist @name to position @pos.
      plsearch: Case-insensitive playlist search with 'pretty' output. Easier to
                use when looking for specific songs to play. Outputs a list of
                entries like: [#pos:#id] Artist - Album - Title (mm:ss). Listed
                #pos and #id can be used directly with the 'play' and 'playid'
     crossfade: Sets crossfading (mixing) between songs.
          next: Skip to next song.
         pause: Toggle pause on/off
          play: Play the song at the specified position.
        playid: Play the song with the specified id.
      previous: Go back to previous song.
        random: Toggle random mode on/off
        repeat: Toggle repeat mode on/off
          seek: Skip to specific point in time in song at position @pos.
        seekid: Skip to specific point in time in song with @id.
        volume: Volume adjustment. Allows setting of explicit volume value as
                well as a relative increase and decrease of current volume.
          stop: Stop the playback.
        toggle: Toggles between play/pause




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This work is subject to the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication license. Its contents can be found in the LICENSE file.

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