brunch is a lightweight client side framework on top of backbone.js, eco and stylus using coffee-script.
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Early alpha, please use with caution!

brunch is lightweight client side framework on top of backbone.js, eco and stylus using coffee-script

How to Install

you can get brunch using the node package manager

npm install brunch

How to Use

create a new project using 'proj' as app namespace

brunch new <proj>

start the file watcher to process all .coffee, .sass or .html file changes automatically

brunch watch

build the project

brunch build

brunch provides the possibility to choose between different project templates currently these are available

  • express (default)
  • base

you can choose between them via option "--projectTemplate"

brunch new my_app --projectTemplate base

project templates


Just the basic brunch layout including src, config and build.


Includes build in express server which will be started with "brunch watch". You can take a look at the app at "localhost:8080".

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Instead of reinventing the wheel, brunch assembles awesome wheels.


Watch coffeescript files and compile them via

cake watch

and run tests via

cake test


Feel free to contact us at Freenode #brunch in the IRC client of your choice.


  • more & improved documentation
  • tests
  • come up with a require solution
  • add support for subfolders - see issue #16
  • move concatination.js to app.js
  • directly call fusion, stylus and coffeescript instead of spawning child process

other stuff

  • add zepto to brunch cdn

Future plans

  • add "build deploy" which generates index.html with script tags using cdn
  • add phonegap support