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🔥 List of Firebase talks, tools, examples & articles
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Awesome Firebase Awesome

The most up to date list of Firebase docs, talks, tools, examples & articles the internet has to offer.

Firebase is an app dev platform built on the Google Cloud Platform providing services and cross-platform SDKs!


Legend: 📝 blog posts · 💡 examples · 📖 docs · 🔌 libraries · 🔧 tools · 📹 talks/video

Featured (new releases)

  • 📖 Hosting Version History - Automatic deletion of older versions of your site deployments.
  • 🔌 Integrify - Enforce referential and data integrity in Firestore using pre-canned Cloud Functions triggers.
  • 🔧 Firepit - Firepit is a standalone, portable version of the Firebase CLI which has no depedencies (including Node.js).
  • 🔧 VSCode Firebase Explorer - Explore and manage your Firebase projects.
  • 🔌 React Firebase Hooks - React Hooks for Firebase services.

Official Firebase Docs & Quickstarts


  • 🔌 Firebase UI - FirebaseUI is an open-source JavaScript library for Web that provides simple, customizable UI bindings on top of Firebase SDKs to eliminate boilerplate code and promote best practices.
  • 🔌 Firebase UI for React - React Wrapper for firebaseUI Web.
  • 🔌 GeoFire for JavaScript - Realtime location queries with Firebase.
  • 💡 FirePad - Collaborative Text Editor Powered by Firebase.
  • 🔌 Ember Fire - Official Ember data adapter for Firebase.
  • 🔌 Firebase Dart - Dart wrapper for Firebase.
  • 🔌 PolymerFire - Polymer Web Components for Firebase.
  • 🔌 VueFire - Firebase bindings for Vue.js.
  • 🔌 Angular Fire 2 - Official library for Firebase and Angular.
  • 🔌 Re-base - Relay inspired library for building React.js + Firebase applications.
  • 🔌 React Redux Firebase - Redux bindings for Firebase. Includes Higher Order Component for use with React.
  • 🔌 GatsbyJS Firebase Data Source - Query your Firebase data right into your statically generated pages with Gatsby.
  • 🔌 Apollo Link Firebase - Provides a local GraphQL interface to RealtimeDB. DB syncs locally to device, Apollo Link provides querying into the local DB.
  • 🔌 BuckleScript Bindings for Firebase - BuckleScript bindings for Firebase for use in ReasonML projects.
  • 💡 Angular Firebase PWA - Is an Angular PWA powered by Firebase. It can serve as a foundation to learn this stack and roll out more complex features.
  • 🔌 FireSQL - Query Firestore using SQL syntax. Issues the minimum amount of queries necessary in order to get the data that you request.



  • 🔌 GeoFire for Java - Realtime location queries with Firebase.
  • 🔌 Firebase UI - Optimized UI components for Firebase.
  • 🔌 FireXtensions - Unofficial Kotlin Extensions for the Firebase Android SDK.


  • 🔌 GeoFire for Objective-C - Realtime location queries with Firebase.
  • 🔌 Firebase UI - iOS UI bindings for Firebase.
  • 💡 MLKit - ARCore - Example detecting objects and tags them with 3D labels in Augmented Reality. Uses Firebase ML Kit, ARCore and Firebase RTDB.
  • 💡 MLKit - ARKit - Example detecting objects using Firebase ML Kit and tags them with 3D labels in Augmented Reality.

Server-side (Cloud Functions, BigQuery etc)

CLI & Editor

  • 🔧 Firebase Tools - The Firebase Command Line Tools.
  • 🔧 Firebase CI - Simplified Firebase interaction for continuous integration.
  • 🔧 VSFire - VSCode extension for syntax highlighting & code completions with Firestore security rules & indexes.
  • 🔧 Firebase Firestore Snippets - Contains the snippet for both firebase and firestore in VS Code editor.
  • 🔧 Fuego - Firestore client CLI supporting document add/update/query with filtering and pagination.
  • 🔧 Firestore Rules Generator - Official (but experimental) Firebase Rules Generator for Cloud Firestore based on Google's Protocol Buffer format.




📹 Firebase YouTube 📝 Firebase Blog 🐦 @firebase 🐦 @bestoffirebase


📹 Fireship - AngularFirebase

Who else should we be following!?


Contributions of any kind welcome, just follow the guidelines!


Thanks goes to these contributors!


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