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// Include our minimal libc replacement.
#include "bootstrap.h"
// Minimize the dependencies of the STB image library.
#define STBI_NO_HDR
#define STBI_ASSERT(x)
#define STBIR_ASSERT(x)
#define STBIW_ASSERT(x)
// Pull in the entire library.
#include "stb/stb_image.h"
#include "stb/stb_image_resize.h"
#include "stb/stb_image_write.h"
#define WASM_EXPORT __attribute__((visibility("default")))
byte* init(size_t image_size) WASM_EXPORT;
size_t resize(size_t filesize, size_t target_width) WASM_EXPORT;
// Location of the image file, allocated by init().
byte* image_buffer;
// init() is called from JS to allocate space for the image file.
byte* init(size_t image_size) {
// Reset the heap to empty. (See malloc() implementation in bootstrap.h.)
heap = &__heap_base;
// Allocate space for the image file.
image_buffer = malloc(image_size);
// Return the pointer to JavaScript so that it can fill in the image.
return image_buffer;
// Hacky callback function needed by our image encoding library.
size_t write_off;
void write_to_buffer(void* context, void* data, int n) {
memcpy(image_buffer + write_off, data, n);
write_off += n;
// resize() is called from JS once the image file has been copied into
// WASM memory. It resizes the image to be target_width pixels wide.
size_t resize(size_t filesize, size_t target_width) {
// Decode the image.
int width, height, channels;
unsigned char* pixels = stbi_load_from_memory(
image_buffer, filesize, &width, &height, &channels, 0);
if (pixels == NULL) {
// Image not recognized, so just pass it through.
return 0;
if (width <= target_width) {
// Target width is larger than actual. We only want to make
// things smaller, so return the original image.
return 0;
// Calculate the desired height to maintain aspect ratio.
size_t target_height = height * target_width / width;
// HACK: We write the output to the same buffer as the input. This works
// because the resize function process scan lines in order and we're
// strictly shrinking the image, so by the time a pixel is overwritten
// it is no longer needed anyway.
stbir_resize_uint8(pixels, width, height, 0,
pixels, target_width, target_height, 0, channels);
// HACK: We write the output file directly over the original file. This
// is mainly to avoid the need to pass a pointer back to the caller.
write_off = 0;
stbi_write_jpg_to_func(&write_to_buffer, NULL,
target_width, target_height, channels, pixels, 90);
return write_off;