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-Server Side Dijit
+# Server Side Dijit
Middleware plugin for Connect that renders dijit widget templates, which are normally rendered client-side, on the server.
Returned pages are modified to include the generated server-side templates inline, with a client-side JavaScript plugin
to hook up the templates to the widget.
-Running the demo
+## Running the demo
Run the following command line to start a test application, demonstrating a variety of widgets rendered
on the server side.
@@ -54,7 +52,6 @@ These widgets are instantiated in the server side environment and their rendered
page. On the client-side, the mixin modifies widget construct to stop templated widgets from trying to
do the client-side rendering and simply hooking up the template node that are already present.
+## Requirements
* The Dojo Toolkit (version 1.8) source distribution available locally.

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