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First release

Kernel [21/27]

  • [X] CRC bitmaps :ejt:
  • [X] pool_destroy ref counting isn’t right :ejt: This should be done as part of the data resizing work.
  • [X] Test and complete pool resizing work :ejt:
  • [X] Test device deletion :mike:
  • [X] Test creation/removal of large numbers of devices :mike:
  • [X] wire up btree value_types :ejt:
  • [X] printks :mike: These need an audit. Spurious ones removing, most converting to DMWARNS etc.
  • [X] symbolic flag field on pool target param :mike:
  • [X] implement btree highest key :ejt:
  • [X] mapped blocks count isn’t being set :ejt:
  • [X] extend method for space maps (needed for resizing) :ejt:
  • [X] rename multisnap -> thin. Rebranding exercise :ejt:, :mike:
  • [X] crc metadata sm index :ejt:
  • [X] return zeroes for unprovisioned reads :ejt:
  • [X] factor common code in space map
  • [X] disk space map must not allocate blocks within a transaction, much like the metadata sm. This is good, the more similar they are the easier to factor out the common code. It does mean we’re not quite crash proof atm.
  • [X] Sometimes I’m getting kmem_cache name clashes in the block manager. We’re obviously not deleting the cache in a particular error path. Recently introduced. :ejt:
  • [X] Check reference counts are correct somehow. :ejt:

thin_repair now checks this

  • [X] detect recursive block locks :ejt:
  • [ ] Put discard back in :ejt:
  • [ ] implement the btree trimming :ejt:
  • [ ] a bug found in the userland tools, check that nr_free in the last index entry is being set correctly if there are fewer than a whole blocks worth. Also check this is extended correctly. :ejt:
  • [X] RHEL6.2 needs kzalloc (Mike knows what this means) :mike:
  • [ ] some work needs to be done to verify tearing down thin devices when the pool has run out of space is done cleanly :ejt:
  • [ ] Heinz got an oops when doing a dmsetup remove_all -f :ejt:
  • [X] atm we only commit metadata when a FUA or FLUSH bio comes in (or when we shutdown). This allows too big a position to be built up. We should commit every n seconds, and make this configurable. :ejt:

Hard coded to 60 seconds for now.

  • [ ] We need to know how many block locks can be held concurrently.

I think the worst case is:

3 for insert + 2 for lookup in space map to allocate shadow for the insert

But it would be nice to have a static analysis tool that could check this.

Userland tools [0/5]

All tools run offline for first release.

  • [ ] multisnap_format :ejt:
  • [ ] multisnap_repair :ejt:
  • [ ] multisnap_calc_metadata_size :ejt:
  • [ ] multisnap_display :ejt:
  • [ ] multisnap lib :ejt: C library to wrap multisnap tools

Subsequent release

Kernel [0/2]

  • [ ] resize metadata device
  • [ ] external origin (read-only)
  • [ ] stacked pools causes lockdep to complain about bufio

Userland tools

  • [ ] multisnap_display That uses the held_root to do this for an online pool

Test suite

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