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This program generates output suitable for the dot program from
graphviz.  It produces dependency graphs between the various different
library modules in LVM2.

You must run this program from within the top level directory of the
LVM2 source.  In addition you must have built LVM2 so that the
symbolic links in include/ are present - since the program needs these
to work out what modules are being referenced.

Example usage:

Draw a directed graph of all dependencies.  Hopefully this will
produce a nicely layered graph, with no cycles.

    > lvm_deps --all | dot -Tpdf -o all_modules.pdf

Perhaps we're only interested in the libraries directly and indirectly
used by a particular module.  Again, we're looking for a nice tree
like structure with no cycles.

    > lvm_deps --reachable=lib/commands | dot -Tpdf -o commands_modules.pdf

If you suspect there are cycles use this to draw a graph of just the
strongly coupled components.  ie. just the cycles.  Hopefully this
graph is empty, or just has 2 node clusters that can be fixed easily.
Alas this isn't currently the case for LVM2 :(

    > lvm_deps --cycles | dot -Tpdf -o cycles_modules.pdf