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Demo App showing Platform Events from Heroku to sSalesforce, and from Salesforce to Heroku
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Node demo that streams Platform Events from to the browser using You can run the demo by opening:

platform-event-socketio demo - New Platform Events are streamed to this app and display in the browser using

Setup Remote Access in

Setup a new Remote Access to get your OAuth tokens. If you are unfamiliar with settng this up, see 4:45 of Jeff Douglas' Primer for New Developers. For your callback, simply use: http://localhost:3001/oauth/_callback

Create a Platform Event Definition in

Create a new Platform Event from the Setup Menu of your Salesforce Instance.

Running the Application Locally

git clone
cd platform-event-socketio
npm install

This will clone this repo locally so you simply have to make your config changes and be up and running. Now replace your OAuth tokens and credentials in the config.js file then run the following to start the server:

node app.js

Open your browser to http://localhost:3001 and creat a Platform Event Salesforce and see it appear on the page.

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