My Emacs configuration, adapted from emacs-starter-kit
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My Emacs Configuration

This repository is intended to be cloned to ~/.emacs.d.

It was originally based on Phil Hagelberg's Emacs Starter Kit. As I've now grown beyond passing interest and casual use of Emacs and made it my primary tool for writing plain text and code, I leveled up my configuratino repository.


This repository assumes GNU Emacs 24. I made no efforts to ensure this configuration works on older or other Emacsen. I assume you know how to install GNU Emacs 24 for your platform. If not, this probably isn't the configuration for you(*).

Simply clone the repository to ~/.emacs.d. Fire up Emacs. It should handle everything for you, including setting your theme to the best one ever, ir-black :).

(*) - Of course, no one's Emacs configuration is suitable for everyone else.


COPYING - The GNU General Public License. See Credits and License. - This file. appearance.el - Configuration related to look and feel behavior.el - Configuration related to affecting behavior custom.el - The custom file, must exist, but is .gitignored otherwise elpa - Automatically created by packages.el env.el - Affects ENV variables and the like. helpers.el - Various defuns to help elsewhere. init.el - Kicks it all off. keybindings.el - My favorite keybindings in one low-fat place. modules - Customization to modes, modules. packages.el - Manages packages from ELPA (uses Marmalade, see Packages) themes - My themes, using Emacs 24's theme system. vendor - elisp code that isn't packaged, e.g. from emacswiki.


I chose to use the built-in Emacs 24 package system exclusively. I tried el-get, but I couldn't get everything to work properly. I use Marmalade instead of the Tromey repository primarily because that is where Emacs Starter Kit packages are, and it seems to have more current packages.


In the themes directory is ir-black, which is my favorite theme for any editor. I made some customizations from the original:

Burke Libbey also has an ir-black color-theme. It is very similar, and should work with color-theme just fine.

Credits and License

Author:: Joshua Timberman

I have used and borrowed code from other people's Emacs repositories, including:

Phil Hagelberg, Emacs Starter Kit

Jim Myhrberg, .emacs.d

Steven Danna, emacs-config

Jon-Michael Deldin, ir-black-theme

Some of this code is specifically licensed under the GNU General Public License. Some of it is not. I generally prefer more liberal licenses such as the Apache 2.0 software license, but the GPLv3 is fairly common among Emacs users. Except where specifically mentioned the code in this repository is licensed under the GPLv3. If you are an author of code I have used and do not like this license, please contact me and I will call that out more clearly.