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2 parents 948d42a + aa74047 commit 61c39697a2bf54cd1ed93dae0fef8b4974732dfa @jtimberman committed Apr 14, 2012
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@@ -38,15 +38,14 @@ Then add to the configuration (`/etc/chef/solo.rb` for chef-solo or
Use the
[chef_handler cookbook by Opscode](
-You'll need to install the `chef-handler-growl` RubyGem during the
-compile phase like this:
+Create a recipe with the following:
- gem_package "chef-handler-growl"
+ # Install the `chef-handler-growl` RubyGem during the compile phase
+ gem_package "chef-handler-growl" do
action :nothing
-Then activate the handler with the `chef_handler` LWRP.
+ # Then activate the handler with the `chef_handler` LWRP
chef_handler "Chef::Handler::Growl" do
source "chef/handler/growl"
action :enable

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