The lecture slides for Coursera's Data Analysis class
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Lecture slides for data analysis

This repository contains the lecture slides for the Coursera course Data Analysis. The slides were created with the Slidify package in Rstudio.

Downloading the slides

To download the folder with the slides for all lectures, click on the button to download the zip file above.

Installing the software

You will need to install R, Rstudio and Slidify. To install Slidify, open Rstudio and run the commands:


Setting your working directory

Next, you need to set your working directory to the lecture you would like to compile. You can do this with either the drop down menus or using the setwd() command in R. Pick the directory for the lecture you would like to compile.

Compiling the slides

Once you have completed this step run the commands:


This should compile the slides and open the resulting webpage on your computer.