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healthvis is a package designed to allow easy creation and publication of interactive graphics. The goal of the healthvis package is to make the creation of an interactive graphic as simple as one line of R code for commonly used plots.

The basic steps involved in the use of the healthvis package are:

  • Perform a standard health related analysis.
  • Apply the appropriate healthvis function to create an interactive plot
  • Click the link on the generated plot to publish an unlisted version of the plot to
  • Copy and paste a script to embed the plot in your webpage.

The advantages of the healthvis package over other packages for interactive graphics are:

  • healthvis focuses on the most popular graphics used in health applications
  • healthvis graphics require one line of R code
  • healthvis graphics can be published with a single click
  • healthvis graphics can be embedded with a single line of code in websites

You can follow the development of the healthvis package at, where you will also find tutorials and example galleries.


An Interactive Health Visualization Package






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